EPAM Tech Talks Gdansk

4 Grudzień 2019@18:00 – 20:00
Aleja Grunwaldzka 472
80-309 Gdansk

Olivia Business Centre
EPAM Office (7th floor, Olivia Prime)
Al. Grunwaldzka 472E, Gdańsk

18.10 – 18.50 – Pawel Kierat – “Contracts in Java with OpenJML”
19.10 – 20.00 – Ivan Zvieriev – “No GC techniques for Low latency Java”

“Contracts in Java with OpenJML” – Pawel Kierat
In the era of ever-growing role of computers in our lives, from medical equipment and satellites to cars and refrigerators, making reliable software becomes crucial to many organizations. During the talk, I’m going to show how such reliability can be improved by specifying clear expectations and obligations of API (expressed in JML), starting from top-level architecture down to the body of a single method.

“No GC techniques for Low latency Java” – Ivan Zvieriev
Java’s automated memory management has trade off – performance reduction. In low latency systems performance of the application is key factor. In this presentation I’m showing how to not create garbage to avoid garbage collection. No JVM tuning, no GC tuning – only pure code.

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