Kalendarz wydarzeńKalendarze powstały z myślą, aby nie przegapić ciekawych wydarzeń w Polsce blisko moich miejsc bywania (Trójmiasto, Toruń, Warszawa).

Kalendarz wydarzeń w Polsce tak bardzo się rozrósł, że postanowiłem je udostępnić publicznie. Może komuś się przydadzą.

W tej chwili aktualizuję następujące kalendarze:

Zapraszam, wszelkie komentarze mile widziane. Z dniem 11 czerwca 2015 porzuciłem widget Google Calendar, ponieważ niektórzy z Was mieli kłopoty z odświeżaniem danych.

meet.js Katowice #32
Lip 18@18:00 – 21:00

Strefa Centralna
Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2, Katowice

Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie meet.js Katowice, które odbędzie się 18 lipca (środa) o godzinie 18:00 w Strefie Centralej. Tym razem będzie o praktycznych zastosowaniach programowania funkcyjnego w JavaScript i zastosowaniu CSS Grid do pozycjonowania elementów.

Spotkanie jest w pełni darmowe, przyjść może każdy, ale ze względu na ograniczoną ilość miejsc obowiązuje rejestracja. Darmowe bilety można uzyskać pod adresem https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meetjs-katowice-31-tickets-45714075029

• Józef Flakus – Be reactive with Marble.js – how to write Node.js APIs in a hipsterish way.
• Przerwa
• Tech talks
• Sponsorzy, lightning talks i ogłoszenia
• Przerwa
• Andrzej Kopeć – „Bezbłędny” frontend z Elm.
• Networking

WHUG #35: „Assisting millions of active users in real-time with Apache Flink”
Lip 18@18:00 – 20:00

Lokal na Mokotowie
Sandomierska 13 · Warszawa

We are happy to invite you on the 35th meetup of WHUG. We will host Grzegorz Kołakowski and Adam Kawa from GetInData (www.getindata.com). Please notice that this time, we are going to meet in new location, in a pub „Lokal na Mokotowie” (http://localnamokotowie.pl/) at Sandomierska 13, Warsaw (entrance from Rejtana)!
Please check details about meetup below.

„Assisting millions of your active users in real-time at telco, banking or e-commerce with Apache Flink”

„Nowadays many companies become data rich and intensive. They have millions of users generating billions of interactions and events per day. These massive streams of complex events can be processed and reacted upon to e.g. offer new products, next best actions, communicate to users or detect frauds, and quicker we can do it, the higher value we can generate.

Our presentation will be based on our recent experience in building a real-time data analytics platform for telco events. This platform has been jointly built by GetInData and the leading telco in Kazakhstan in just a few months and it currently runs in production at the scale of 10M subscribers and 160K events per seconds on average (300K eps in a peak) on a still small cluster. It’s used as a backbone for personalized marketing campaigns, detecting frauds, cross-sell & up-sell by following the behavior of millions of users in real-time and reacting to it instantly.

We will share how we build such platform using current best of breed open-source projects like Flink, Kafka, and Nifi. We will also describe challenges that we faced during development and try to provide some tips what one should pay attention to when developing similar solutions, not only for telco, but also for banks, e-commerce, IoT and other industries.”

Grzegorz Kołakowski (GetInData) – A software engineer with five years of experience. Recently a great enthusiast of stream processing and related open source tools, in particular Apache Flink and Apache Kafka. Currently, he is a data engineer at GetInData helping companies with building scalable, distributed systems for storing and processing big data volumes.

Adam Kawa (GetInData) – Adam became a fan of Big Data after implementing his first Hadoop job in 2010. Since then he has been working with Big Data at Spotify (where he had proudly operated one of the largest and fastest-growing Hadoop clusters in Europe), Truecaller, the University of Warsaw and Cloudera Training Partner. Over three years ago, he co-founded GetInData – a company that helps its customers to become data-driven and builds innovative Big Data solutions. Adam is also co-organizer of Warsaw Hadoop User Group and a frequent speaker at major Big Data conferences and meetups.

GetInData is HIRING!!!
We are looking for Big Data specialists to join our team:
– DATA ENGINEER, who would like to work with Java, Hadoop, Hive and learn/use Spark, NiFi, AWS and similar technologies to implement data-oriented pipelines and data-driven applications. Mid or Senior level

– BIG DATA ADMINISTRATOR, who would like to install, configure and secure Big Data platforms based on Hadoop-stack & Kerberos, and learn/use cloud-ready technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes for building innovative data infrastructures. Mid or Senior level.

If you are instructed in joining us, feel free to contact us at the meeting or send an e-mail to info@getindata.com.

Drinks & snacks
Free beers/drinks and snacks sponsored by GetInData will be available for the participants during the meetup.

#35. WHUG – „Assisting millions of active users in real-time with Apache Flink”

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018, 6:00 PM

Lokal na Mokotowie
Sandomierska 13 Warszawa, PL

28 WHUGers Attending

We are happy to invite you on the 35th meetup of WHUG. We will host Grzegorz Kołakowski and Adam Kawa from GetInData (www.getindata.com). Please notice that this time, we are going to meet in new location, in a pub „Lokal na Mokotowie” (http://localnamokotowie.pl/) at Sandomierska 13, Warsaw (entrance from Rejtana)! Please check details about meetu…

Check out this Meetup →

Ciklum Gdańsk – Telco Systems
Lip 31@18:00 – 21:00

Tryton Business House
budynek B, 8. piętro, biuro Ciklum
Jana z Kolna 11, Gdańsk

Our next Ciklum Gdańsk Meetup is happening already at the end of July! Meet us in our office for a „Cloud Edge Technologies” event with Telco Systems on Tuesday, July 31st at 6:00 PM.

You will get a chance to listen to inspirational presentations, enjoy the evening with like-minded professionals as well as network with pizza and beer.

The agenda for the evening:
18:00 – „Rolling Upgrades – OpenStack Case Study” by Paweł Koniszewski
18:50 – short break
19:00 – „VNF LCM using Tacker” by Dawid Deja
19:50 – short break
20:00 – NFV Edge Acceleration technologies using ARM based architecture by Stanislav Elenkrich
20:50- Pizza & Beer and networking

Participation in the event is free, but you should register to guarantee your seat! https://goo.gl/38SBg2


Web Summer Camp 2018
Sie 29 – Wrz 1 całodniowy

Early bird ticket: kn 4,000.00 (541 EUR)

Standard ticket: kn 4,500.00 (608 EUR)


PHP Developer Days 2018
Wrz 21 – Wrz 22 całodniowy


WordUp Trójmiasto #13
Wrz 22@16:00 – 20:00
Symfony Live London 2018
Wrz 27 – Wrz 28 całodniowy

Early bird: 129£
Early bird (with workshops): 543£

Regular: 169£
Regular (with workshops): 655£

Late: 209£
Late (with workshops): 767£


Serverless UG #3
Wrz 27@18:00 – 21:00

Zapraszamy na trzecie spotkanie w Polsce, które odbędzie się w czwartek 27 września 2018.

W planie spotkania przewidziane mamy 3 ultra ciekawe sesje.
Agenda i szczegóły pojawią się wkrótce!

Innovation@Amazon 2018
Wrz 29@09:00 – 19:00

Stary Maneż
Słowackiego 23, Gdansk

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Web Camp Zagreb 2018
Paź 5 – Paź 6 całodniowy

Early Bird: 174 zł (300 kn)
Standard: 348 zł (600 kn)