phpDay 2020

14 Maj 2020 – 15 Maj 2020 całodniowy
Province of Verona

– Very Early Bird (2 Days): €179.00 + €52.60 (fee & IVA) = €231,60
– Regular Price (2 Days): €259.00 + €75.57 (fee & IVA) = €334,57

– Gary Hockin: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing „Developer”
– Chris Holland: Taming Change
– Arnout Boks: Metrics-driven refactoring and quality
– Max Rosin: Deploying your first Micro-Service application to Kubernetes
– James Titcumb: Best practices for crafting high quality PHP apps
– Mark Baker: Looping the Loop with SPL Iterators
– Antonello D’Ippolito: CODE, TEST, DEPLOY, REPEAT
– João Domingos: Keeping a 10-Year-Old Codebase Alive and Rockin’
– Bruce Dou: Async and Concurrency with Coroutines
– Wim Godden: Beyond PHP: it’s not (just) about the code!
– Andreas Heigl: How to tame a 🦄
– Chris Holland: Leveraging Typed Exceptions for Cleaner Error Handling
– Andreas Hucks: Symfony 5, the new bits
– Alessandro Lai: Kubernetes for PHP developers
– Michael Lochemem: Functional Programming in PHP
– Christian Lück: Getting started with ReactPHP – Pushing real-time data to the browser
– Ivo Lukac: Learn to appreciate legacy
– Ondrej Machulda: End-to-end testing – it has never been easier!
– Cristiano Mazzarini: Keeping a 10-Year-Old Codebase Alive and Rockin’
– Derick Rethans: The La(te)st PHP 7 — What’s new in PHP 7.4
– Derick Rethans: Introduction to PHP Extensions
– Michelle Sanver: Advanced Serializing in PHP: Speed it up!
– Thomas Schedler: Redis Streams
– Miro Svrtan: Tools and traits to keep your code at level
– Alexandra White: Technically Speaking: Improve your code with documentation
– Sabine Wojcieszak: Don´t lose the heart of Agile and Devops!
– Boyan Yordanov: REST More With JSON-API