Agile Warsaw #288

14 grudzień 2023@19:00 – 20:30
Chmielna 73

Atention: This is a stanionary meeting. The meeting has participants limit: 50. We meet at PKO BP ul. Chmielna 89.

We encourage you to show up 20 minutes earlier with you ID.

Designing Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™

The way Agile methods (like XP and Scrum) are understood creates artificial limitations when applied beyond single teams. This led to the rise of heavy-weight methods like SAFe, but there are questions about their true agility and long-term effectiveness here. Recently, framework-agnostic DIY (Do It Yourself) approaches like Team Topologies and unFix have emerged, providing flexibility in designing organizational structures. However, these approaches require a deep understanding of organizational design and systems thinking, which most of us need to get better at.

Org Topologies™ is a framework-agnostic approach to design and sustain large-scale agile ecosystems that move beyond the choice between frameworks and DIY methods. In this session, the creators of Org Topologies™ will explain how to design, assess, and improve your organizational ecosystem, using organizational archetypes as a guide. The goal is to provide clarity on the ecosystem you want and the behaviors you expect, enabling ongoing transformation toward agility.

Who should attend the meeting:
All people who work in product development and are affected by or involved in transformations.

Meet the prelegents:
Alex & Roland

Register on wait-list. We will let only 50 ppl.


registration on wait-list till 20:00; Mon 11.12,
update of participants’ status on meetup on Tue 12.12